Project Management

We are the professional ‘project office’ for our clients, providing full-time support by resolving all tasks until completion of the project. As per the client’s requirements, we establish a bespoke project organization including time and cost monitoring combined with quality control during the design and execution ensuring cost-efficiency as well as adherence to the budget and quality standards within the agreed realistic timeframes.

Principal Consultancy

Based on our extensive professional experience in the role of the principal consultant for the German Federal Foreign Office, we ensure a holistic project leadership with an integrated organization and coordination of each project. Where applicable, the modular planning approach provides a key method for ensuring overall integral quality.

Design Management

Our unique team approach of collaboration with each project participant involved in the project makes sure that their respective knowledge is identified and fully utilized. Seamlessly combing the relevant experience of consultants from overseas with the expertise and know-how from consultants in India is our key to success.

Construction Management

We provide project management and integral construction management from a single source. We control the planning, awarding and execution of the project according to the client's specifications with a focus on cost, time, quality and good cooperation. With our lean management we coordinate the design and construction processes in the best possible way to optimize the execution of the project.

Site Supervision

For projects where we have completed the project management during the design stages we are also providing site supervision. For this purpose we create a schedule, document construction progress and take responsibility for site supervision. We also coordinate the cooperation between the contractors involved, inspect and approve construction works and take responsibility for auditing of accounts as well as cost control. This way we ensure the cost-efficient completion of works on schedule and in excellent quality.

Quality Control

Quality is the result of a carefully selected team of architects and engineers developing an intelligent, integrated and sustainable design with excellent project management followed by project execution by experienced contractors.

Site Appraisal

Whether purchasing or selling property, real estate or land in India, in-depth technical knowledge form the basis for a fair negotiation and adequate pricing. Our technical and legal (supported by external consultants) Due Diligence delivers an independent precise assessment of the quality of the property and legal constraints highlighting potential risks or dealbreakers well in advance.

Due Diligence

In addition to the Technical Due Diligence (ref. Site Appraisal) we also carry out a legal Due Diligence. At various occasions during our assignments the proposed property was either not legally built or had major hidden constraints.

Project Audit

Our project team advises the client by providing technical and economic consulting services. We check and audit planning content for compliance with the functional, qualitative and economic requirements of the project and, if necessary, arrange for revision of the respective drawings. We have also successfully organized an international design competition for a major development in Mumbai.

Scope of Services

Our services range from Advisory, Project Audit, Project Assessment, Controlling and Project Management to the “Rundum-Sorglospaket” (All Worries Outsourced Package). Together with each client we verify the exact requirements for the specific project and prepare a tailor-made Scope of Services.

Due Diligence

  • General assessment of site location and potential constraints
  • Technical due diligence of the proposed land and/or existing buildings
  • Legal due diligence of ownership, land-use, FSI, etc.(with ext. support)


  • Selection and pre-qualification consultants
  • Definition scope and contracts for all consultants
  • Preparation of feasibility study with other consultants
  • Definition project outlines for time, costs, and quality
  • Assistance for site survey / geo-technical investigations
  • Set-up project organisation


  • Coordination between client, architect, engineers and others
  • Ensure performance of consultants as per their contract and scope
  • Review and approve progress payments for all consultants
  • Review and assess design submissions from all consultants


  • Review and assess tender documents from all consultants
  • Shortlist potential contractors together with site supervision
  • Conduct pre-bid meetings with prospective contractors
  • Review and evaluation of bids from prospective contractors
  • Assessment with comparative techno-commercial statement
  • Review and approval of final contract documents


  • Preparation master programme identifying critical activities
  • Monitoring of progress of design and construction
  • Coordination of consultants ensuring that all issues are resolved
  • Preparation construction schedules on macro and micro level
  • Tracking long lead items for procurement of material/equipment
  • Monitoring project progress and advice client how to rectify delays


  • Value engineering during all project stages
  • Preparation and monitoring of detailed project budget
  • Preparation project cash flow based on construction schedule
  • Monitoring and assessment of actual project cost vs. planned costs
  • Preparation of effective system for overall project cost controlling
  • Approval of payments on invoices certified by site supervision


  • Spot check of quality of materials and workmanship on site
  • Review of ‘Good for Construction Drawings’ released by consultants
  • Conduct monthly progress meetings with client and consultants
  • Attend weekly site meetings with consultants and contractors
  • Spot check of compliance of design and specifications
  • Spot checks of completed works and recommendation of action
  • Attendance critical tests and inspections


  • Approval of payments on invoices certified by site supervision
  • Review rate analysis of site supervision for extra items of works
  • Spot check of quantities exceeding the contract quantity


  • Collating and maintaining all contract documents
  • Advising the client on adequacy of procedures of contractors
  • Review of submitted shop drawings, product data and samples
  • Coordination approvals of shop drawings and samples


  • Verification of work upon completion
  • Spot check of ‘As-built Drawings’ and other documentation
  • Review performance guarantees and maintenance manuals
  • Establishment procedures for defects during liability period
  • Spot check of completed snag \ punch lists


  • Legal advice
  • Submissions to authorities/governing bodies
  • Permissions from authorities/governing bodies
  • Site safety / Site security